Tethero the Wizard

Elderly and sharp, a man of direction and intent with much to do but too few days to see it done.


Elderly and venerable standing at a moderate height and with a back as straight as his withered and aged spine would allow him. Gaunt in face, paled in skin and greying in hair and beard too. Tethero was clearly a man of many winters, adventures and experiences and bore them all as a testament of days. He would speak in a gruff and wizened fashion, his temper would fluctuate and often his motives were as stark as the stunning spells he would cast.

Robes draped liberally upon him in shades and hues of teal and red the old wizard wrapped warmly and well and was never seen without his trusty wooden staff, a tool of his craft and a crutch of his age.


As mysterious as the friends he kept, which often amounted to many, Tethero would often wander the lands of Azeroth in search for companions fit and capable of adventure, intrigue, an open mind and a need for coin.

The Wizard Tethero spent all of his younger life deeply enthralled in the magical studies customary of Azeroth, spending day and night under the watchful tutelage of Magister Ju’ance, a passionate Quel’dorai famed for her skills in evocation and abjuration. By the coming of Tethero’s thirtieth season the adapt finally left a qualified mage and set forth into Azeroth to seek the most inquisitive and exciting corners of the world.

Many decades later, It was Tethero himself that first formed the Wayward Wanderers to gather when the rumour of a terrible plot of espionage and kidnap were discovered by the heads of his order, The Kirin Tor and thus he carefully set in motion a plan that would reunite the lost members of the Sunburst family. Though such an act was against any of their recollections or their willful intentions, Tethero reached out with the simple guise of a ‘Personal Darkmoon Faire invition’ in doing so hoping such a family may help Tethero in his quest and in return that he may offer his own assistance in the rise of royal power for the Sunburst family in Quel’thalas.

Tethero died barely months into what would be his final adventure on Azeroth. Already so venerable and fragile in his old age, the Wizard fell during a terrible dragon attack on the Wayward Wanderers supply convey whilst attempting safe passage through the inhospitable terrain of the Burning Steppes. Tethero was laid to rest in the company of friends and his will was made out to the then Knight Squire Halrandir of Stormwind.

Tethero the Wizard

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