Sir Halrandir

A young Knight of Stormwind, former Squire to the deceased Sir Cirion.



Halrandir is of average height. Standing at 5’10, he boasts a toned, athletic figure which is hardened by the necessary muscle mass required to fight hard in plate for extended periods of time, developed over many a strenuous year of training. He clearly puts great importance in his physical appearance, his torso certainly not a wall of muscle, but it’s very well defined. Should one see him naked, they would notice his body is relatively unblemished by scars, marks or tattoos. A result of the Light restoring his body to optimum health when he was given another chance on the moral plane by the heavens.

His youthful face would certainly be described as handsome, it boasts a defined and groomed look that makes him stand out in a crowd. The man’s high cheekbones lay bare and unadorned with facial hair, which only serves to highlight his admirable jawline. His eyes are of green hues, his face framed by medium length dark blonde hair.

Well equipped as a man beffiting of his status, Halrandir carries a suit of masterworked enchanted Mithril plate behind a proudly worn tabard of the Holy Light. The harness is of the same design as Stormwindian Royal Knights, and would certainly be the envy of many a man-at-arms due to it’s price and quality.

His weaponry is of equally impressive craftmanship; he carries an enchanted arming sword on his hip which is capable of bursting into flames. This is sometimes exchanged with a bastard sword, bestowed upon him by Prince Anduin. Halrandir’s most noticeable weapon is his Holy greatsword slung upon his back, the sword of his now deceased Knight, Sir Cirion. If not, he would have a sturdy shield in its place, emblazoned proudly with the Stormwindian lion.


Fathered by the renowned Sir Evradin and mothered by the fair Amelia, Halrandir was raised in the typical path to Knighthood. His future role as a Knight was recognised at birth as a male. His early upbringing would therefore be governed by this ambition. Up to the age of 7 years old he was brought up in the home of his parents. During this time he learnt basic good manners and started to understand the role of the knight, and all that it entailed. Games were played mimicking the role of a knight, even the toys he played with played their part; a wooden sword and shield. The boy’s path to becoming a knight was further fuelled by attending tournaments and hearing stories of brave knightly deeds and combats.

At the tender age of just seven years, Halrandir was sent to commence his education at the household of Sir Cirion. His role was a page, the third step towards becoming a knight. It was his duty to humbly wait at tables, care for the Lord’s clothes and assist them in dressing. A page was also expected to acts as servants to the ladies of the household. It was here that he befriended Gerald and James, fellow pages to Cirion. There was a ‘pecking order’ amongst the pages which was dependent on age, but thankfully the trio were more than a match for the individual older boys, each complimenting each others styles, strengths and weaknesses. Halrandir also would received a further education being taught religion, manners, riding, hunting, hawking and strategic games such as backgammon and chess. He soon started to acquire the skills required of a Knight by practising the skills of tilting a lance and watching the prowess and training of their seniors. The use of the lance was practised together with the skills of horsemanship. Weapon skills were further honed practised using wooden swords and shields.

At the age of fourteen, Halrandir progressed to the role of a Squire, having the honour to be picked by Cirion. His duties included learning about Chivalry, the rules of Heraldry, horsemanship and practise the use of weapons and the skills required of a Knight, in addition to the rest of the Knightly virtues. It was also his duty to enter into the social life of the household and learn courtly etiquette, jousting, music and dancing. It was around this time he fully flourished, with his friends at his sides and a world of opportunity and valour ahead of him, he took to jousting like a duck to water, finding a certain liberating exhilaration at each tilt. The Squire served in this role for seven years typically, a role cut slightly short by Sir Cirion’s death at the hand of a fallen Knight.

Before that event that played a huge role in shaping Halrandir’s path, he accompanied the Wayward Wanderers escorting a caravan Northwards. Participating in conflicts along the way, including but not limited to: The downfall of Hogger, the defence of Lakeshire against an Orcish and then demonic threat, the defence of Karanos, and the battle of the Dam against a demonic army. It was here that he came to blows with Sir Avem, the corrupted killer of Cirion. Far outmatched, the Wanderers were forced to retreat, bloodied, beaten, but unbroken.

The deaths of not only Sir Cirion, but handfuls of his travelling companions have served to highlight the fragility of life to Halrandir, making him all the more determined to better himself in order to keep his current companions alive. Proving to be a sentimentalist after the loss of friends, Halrandir finds comfort in memorialising the fallen so they will never slip from memory, and their spirits will forever live on, unfading from history. After all of their trials, he has formed a particular bond with Imrik Fellhand, one of the few of the original band that merrily set off. But it has not all been heartbreak and lives lost, having made close friends with many, and experienced things worthy of song and tale, with a few romantic escapades thrown into the mix, Halrandir maintains his optimistic look on life, refusing to ever give in to the cold tendrils of doubt and despair. It is perhaps because of this conviction that he recently found himself bestowed with certain blessings and abilities of the Holy Light, powers which seem to be growing. Where these powers come from and why exactly, is currently known only to Halrandir.

He now seeks to be a testament to the image of a perfect Knight, epitomising virtue and chivalry, and all that it entails. Perhaps even making his family lineage, a long line of Knights- and Sir Cirion- proud. With the new found threat of the Burning Legion, Halrandir will need all of his conviction to retain his spirit, especially in the face of such adversity.

Sir Halrandir

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