Marion Fincheim

Knight-Paladin of the Argent Dawn


A stocky and burly man of Lordaeron, Marion immortalises the physical attributes destined for northern paladins across the Kingdoms. Squared shoulders easily hold up the heavy harness of plate that accompanies him everywhere and his thick, muscular arms are more than a match for the weight of shield and hammer.

He possesses a rugged face, full beard and shoulder-length hair once a deep brown, now tempered with greys and whites as age begins to creep up upon him. But this has not darkened the fierce blue of his eyes.


“The Dawn shall rise over the north once more!”

Hailing from the city of Stratholme, Marion has always been a civilised and devout member of the citizenry. Originally destined to be a warrior-priest he was at the forefront of the movement of the newly formed order of the Knights of the Silver Hand and became a paladin alongside many of his contemporaries.

Not long after the Scourge invasion and the Scarlet Crusade had begun to fall to internal turmoil it was no longer his place. With fellow companions, whom he had fought alongside with during the gruelling fall of Lordaeron, Marion found himself within the ranks of the brand new Argent Dawn, a threat that rivalled the remaining undead in Tirisfal.

Marion Fincheim

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