Magus Drion Silverwing Sunburst

A high elf with an academic interest in all kinds magic.




Drion was the second son born into the prestigeous Sunburst family, reknown for their mastery over the arcane and magical craftsmanship. Many expected little from the youngest of the siblings as he mostly kept to himself, reading, studying and shamelessly flirting with others in the streets of the common people. He was often punished for his behaviour by being sent to the city guard where he would often be given the task of sentinel upon the walls. However this had less of an effect that his parents had planned, he made friends upon the wall and sometimes willing went to the city guard to volunteer for their rigerous spars. He had often looked up to his older brother Imrik with awe, he idolized him as the perfect warrior and often dreamt of being as good as him with blades, spears and bows to name a few. His eldest sister was often considered a prodigy as she wielded magic without hardly studying it and naturally Drion being young and impressionable also idolized her as well, wanting to wield magic as well as she could. He took to the books and martial training equally serious, wanting to become the best at both combat and spellweaving.

Drion however was not left without impression from the youngest sister, Irenia. He would often drop by her and speak idle gossip as she was the closest to his own age, he took some of her interests as his own, dancing being one of them. It was Irenia who triggered the thought within Drion to make his own style of combat, to combine magic, martial combat and dancing all into one seamless battle style. He would go to many lengths to try to join the battle along with Imrik, but his father was adamant, if he left with him he would be disinherited on the spot. Left with little choice Drion could only pray for Imriks safety upon the fields of battle. He was often looked upon as a fool and impressionable by his peers as he had yet to perfect his style. It sometime made the common elven women swoon, but this may have all been a act to have a chance at nobility, regardless Drion relished in the attention he got, positive or otherwise.

When Imrik finally returned from battle, Drion returned home quickly eager to hear the stories only to hear that his father had disinherited him. Crestfallen Drion was unsure of what to do, perhaps speechless for the first time in his ‘young’ life, even more so when he learned that the family’s spear had been taken. I mean seriously, stealing? That’s just low.
Drion was one day training within the woods with a fair member of the city guard, after getting his rear end thoroughly owned he realized that he had to train even more, then as the city guard was to leave, it happened. Drion revealed a blanket and a basket of food, the two indulged in the comforts of the wine, food and each other’s company. This kept on for a while, he would often visit her in the late evenings, even moreso than before visit the city guards only to speak with her.

When his father eventually found, thanks to Drions lacking ability to conceal secrets he was furious, disappointed and furious again as he had time and time again told Drion to marry someone else of higher stature than a “lowly guard”. Drion flew into a hissy fit worthy of an elf as he spoke up against his father for the first time. After a lengthy quarrel between they where broken up by the more sensible mother who suggested that perhaps Drion should take some time away from his ‘love’ and father. Reluctantly both parties agreed that might be for the best, they did not want a repetition of what happened to Imrik afterall.
On those notes Drion left, but not before visiting his beloved one more time, little did he know that this could very well be his last visit.

He ventured down south, he had often wanted to see more of the world, he was given a token bodyguard to accompany him by his father. Which was very quickly ditched the first moment Drion had the chance and double timed it to the ship, waving the bodyguard farewell as he sailed down south to wander the world alone. He often wrote letters back home of his travels, he made many attempts at being subtle to his whereabouts and went the extra mile of sending the letters after he moved to a new location. He would also send love letters to his beloved, informing her of his next destination, sometimes hoping she would journey down with him. But the letters she sent in turn was enough and he was content.

Magus Drion Silverwing Sunburst

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