Lord Charles Blackwood

An aggressive aristocrat, a lord lashed by loss and left conspiring.


A man whose will would sooner bend before his spine. Standing at a moderate height and walking with a wide and wilful stride, Lord Blackwood refuses to let age truly claim what is left of him. Making effort to stand tall, sullen creases betray this elderly mans face and the frown lines on his brow defer to a time of pessimism and paranoia. Were it not for his regal green and gold embellished robes, one would think the burden on his shoulders, the constant look of distaste and pitiful dissatisfaction, was no more than a common mans ruse.



House Blackwood

“From Ash & Shadow”

The Lord of House Blackwood and the head of the family, Charles Blackwood has constantly worked to keep the namesake, reputation and influence of his house in power within the sprawling forests of Duskwood. A house that reflects the grim reality of such a dark place, and with it, just as heaving in scandal, rot and regret as the withering forests that entrench the Blackwood land.

For years there has been rumour and intrigue into the future of House Blackwood, suspicion that the heirs of the house are no longer fitting, said to be that war changes all men of Blackwood and that their women turn barren in horror of their return. Surely such things cannot be true, and even then Lord Blackwood would never stand for such foreboding slander and unwelcome assumption, would he?

Lord Charles Blackwood

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