Keileigh Dreugsdottir

First daughter to Thane Dreug Stormscowl of the Wildhammer Highlands.


The Wildhammer people are often far removed from the other races and politics of the Grand Alliance. Such is no different from those good folk that hail from a small village deep in the hinterlands of Wildhammer territory.

But when dark fire lights the horizon Thane Dreug Stormscowl sends his greatest champion and most dearest child to uncover the truth about what is occurring over Bronzebeard skies.

Keileigh Dreugsdottir is noble in appearance, demeanour and birth. She is the epitome of a proud Wildhammer dwarf and already bears much of the traits that will do her well when she will inevitably take her father’s seat at the head of their aviary.

Keileigh Dreugsdottir

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