Imrik the Fellhanded

A proud warrior of the Sin'dorei

Facial Description

Proud azure eyes glare out under sweeping brows, creating a penetrating and distrustful gaze that accurately represents the arrogance and wariness of the weathered Elf before you. His lips curl slightly in a sneer that betrays his feelings to many of those around him, though noticeably this demeanour shifts when he comes into contact with his family, and close tight-knit circle of friends.

Across the left side of his face, his elven features are scarred by a motley of twisting scars in the raw pink and silver white where fel-fire has sunk its grip into the flesh.

His hair is bound in warrior’s braids falling down to the small of his back. It is a mane of pure snow white, save for several arcing crimson strains that shoot through the rest of his locks, like blood on snow.

Early Life

Born the first in a line of proud quel’dorei scions of House Sunburst, Imrik was alone in his inaptitude of the arcane realms. Thus, cut off from one part of his family’s heritage, Imrik chose to hone his martial arts. Quickly it became apparent that what he lacked in magic, he more than made up for in his skills for war, both as a tactician and a warrior, excelling with the bow, sword and spear.

Nonetheless, Imrik could not gain the love of his father, who, as a regal magistrate of Quel’thalas, sought only to continue the Sunburst’s waning legacy. Thus bitterness crept into the High Elf’s heart, against his father, and against his sister who came after him, everything that he was not.

Military Career

Against the wishes of his father Imrik joined the Farstriders, the elite rangers that defended the wooded kingdom of Quel’thalas. As a Farstrider, Imrik brought wrath and ruin to the Amani trolls plaguing the northern forest realms, earning the admiration of his comrades with his fervent desire to keep Quel’thalas safe and maintain the glorious legacy of the Quel’dorei.

Due to his occuptation, Imrik found himself often escorting magisters and envoys to the Wildhammers of Aerie Peak and the Hinterlands. At first, like most elves, he was scornful of these stunted hill folk. But as time passed, he grew to respect and admire their tenacity, bravery, and sheer ability to hold their drink.

The Second War

When the Second War broke out, Imrik was one of the few High Elves sent as a token force by Quel’thalas to the aid of the Alliance. Unlike many of the elves in his company, he was not reluctant. His time amongst the Wildhammer had taught him loyalty and affection for the hardy dwarves, and thus he threw himself into the war with skill and mastery, earning the epithet “the Fellhanded” from Dwarves and Elves alike for his lack of mercy and precision.

Tragedy loomed however, and when a splinter of Orcish raiders made it past Quel’thalas’ defences and burned a swathe through the forest kingdom, Imrik’s chosen bride to be was slain. His return to home was further embittered when his father informed him that he had been taken out of the line of succession. His sister, Lyandra, would be the one to take up rule of the family as a Magister of Silvermoon. In a rage of woe and grief, Imrik stole Dracon’zeram the blade of the Sunburst. In return, his father cursed him, never to set foot in the lands of the Sunburst again.

The Scourge Invasion

Once more amongst his Farstriding brothers and sisters, Imrik formed the first line of defence against Prince Arthas’s incursion. With his bow he wreaked havoc amongst the gargoyles that swept the sky. With his blade, he cleaved through multitudes of shambling corpses, some of whom he recognised as friends and comrades of the Second War. Though at first the High Elves seemed to have the day, the unthinkable happened, and the moon gates fell, one by one. The work of a traitor.

Fighting alongside the then Ranger-Captain Lor’themar Theron in a rearguard action, Imrik was amongst the first to hear when the news filtered back that the Ranger General, Sylvanas Windrunner had been slain in single combat with Arthas. Moments later, Imrik and his companions were ambushed. Split off and alone, he thought the worst and fled for his family home, to warn his estranged father and fight to the last there. But it was not to be. Upon reaching the border of the sunburst lands, Imrik was magically repulsed. Again and again he tried to forge a way through and again and again he was hurled back. Finally, beaten, and exhausted, Imrik fled into the forests.

Imrik the Fellhanded

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