Genna Fincheim

Youthful Priestess of the Light


Genna is a young woman only recently matured into adulthood. Her auburn curls cascade around her petite face and her eyes sparkle a shining blue, rival only to her father’s own sapphires.

She proclaims a narrow waist and blossoming curves that are often hidden underneath the lengthy robes she has adopted from her time in the clergy.


“The Light cleanses all things in time.”

Born within the years between the Second and Third war, Genna had a fairly quiet life, entering into the priesthood at her father’s push. The Scourge plague, however, put a stop to this almost idyllic lifestyle. She was quickly secreted away by Marion even as he pushed to form the Crusades against the undead and as Lordaeron fell he and Genna fled into the wilderness with many of the then refugees.

Like her father, she was inducted into the Argent Dawn as a healer of particular kindness and mercy in her heart.

Genna Fincheim

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