Errus - Keeper of the Hunt

Herald of the hunt and servant of the grove, a muscular, mystical and mighty peacekeeper of Azeroth.


Errus, as one of the rare Grove Keepers of Azeroth, shares with his kin in all of their physical traits. Not only would this male loom and tower over any mere mortal, but also he would be far more muscular and impressive to behold than any of the Kaldorei men of which this race have fashioned their upper torsos in familiarity of. Passive shapeshifter by nature and a descendant of Cenarius, Errus’s left arm is made of nature and wreathed in thorns and the spokes of wood to form almost an oak-like claw capable of casting spells and dealing formidable physical damage.

Adorned over his shoulder and down across his chest would be a great longbow, traditional in appearance but one that looks nearly impossible for any mere man to draw. A thick leather strap that ropes over his chest in a similar fashion would, when met behind him on his back, hold a large quiver with mighty four foot arrows in length and basic travelling provisions. Within his more flesh-like hand Errus would keep a large thorny spear nearly equal to the length of his body of which he skillfully throws and savages foes and threats.

With the body of a stag and the upper dexterity of a Kaldorei, Errus can surmount incredible speeds and feats of strength, capable of lifting nearly three times his own weight and out stepping even the most agile of animals.


As of yet little is known regarding the Grove Keeper Errus. Discovered and saved from a hanging rope trap, Errus offered his service to The Wayward Wanderers and vowed to follow them for as long as he deemed it necessary to repay such a debt of honour.

So far only his title of ‘Keeper of the Hunt’ has been shared, one that indicates some potential level of racial fame amongst his own kindred. Also, as a guardian of nature his rigid stance on life and death has been spoken freely and also solidified in the group, notably so when joining The Wayward Wanderers where the Grove Keeper made it clear his relationship with the undead Lyandra Sunburst would never amount to anything more than a mere acquaintance.

Errus - Keeper of the Hunt

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