Doctor Gilly Fizzlebang

Fanatic of alchemy and famous curator of the worlds most dangerous potions.


Short, greyed and sporting a stutter, this far-from-frail and sprightly male gnome may appear at his wits tether but the truth is he’s absolutely crazy and quite possibly insane. Often adorned in travelling garbs and covered in straps and belts notched with potions, gadgets and tools this two foot doctor is always prepared for the worst to turn best.


Doctor Gilly Fizzlebang first grew to fame during the second war when he created draughts of insta-freeze that to this day remain thrown potions that instantly solidify ones target into permanent diamond ice melted only by the heat of dragon fire. Adding to his fame, Gilly Fizzlebang earned the respect of his more sceptical peers with his famous ‘Size Surprise’ alchemical concoction capable of increasing or decreasing any living creature or beast on Azeroth permanently. Gilly famously took to keeping a large owl in his possession affected by this potion, his loyal lady and flying mount named ‘Kessy’.

Naturally such accomplishments lead to Doctor Gilly Fizzlebang rising to celebrity status and later the creation and peak of his career the ‘Guild of Really Good Things’. An exploratory gathering of academic minds and adventurers alike who merely wanted to ‘make something that really went bang’. The guild would remain the leading body of experimentation until its demise solely at the hands of Grand Apothecary Putress of ‘The Royal Forsaken Apothecary’ in the Arathi Highlands three years later.

As the modern world turned and conflicts really began to awaken between the Horde and the Alliance, Doctor Gilly Fizzlebang left his studies and celebrity status for a more secluded project. A project so secret and mysterious that the gnome genius was not seen again for years to follow.

When Doctor Gilly Fizzlebang finally resurfaced his name was all but nearly forgotten (as is to be expected in the gnomish world of daring science and invention). Naturally, and having been sure to have stumbled upon something so radical and wonderful, so sublime and inspiring, Doctor Gilly Fizzlebang decided to reclaim the center spotlight once more and debut at the seasonal Darkmoon Faire his new show ‘The Cure of Death’.

Doctor Gilly Fizzlebang was never seen to leave the main tent during the terrible fire that occurred the opening night of his show, amongst many of the faire goers that perished that night, the good Gnome Doctor is assumed one of those poor souls lost.

Doctor Gilly Fizzlebang

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