Ayra Dawnpyre

Magical Artisan and devoted servant.


Arya stands roughly as tall as the average elf, slightly taler than the average human. Even with age being a hard thing to tell on an elf, Arya looks youthful, this is perhaps most evident in her large unassuming eyes, as if they have not yet seen the horrors of the world. As a high elf, she strikes a beutiful figure to most humanoid races, and seems quite careful to keep her apperance in order. Usualy wearing long colourfull dresses, or if alone in her workshop, tunic or pants. She is rarely seen far from her companion Ancalagon.


Born into a family that has served the Sunbursts for generations, she was taught from a young age the skills she would need to provide the Sunburst family a valuable servant, either as a steward or protector. Having few friends in her childhood, she lost herself in her books and lessons, most of all those about magic and crafting things with her hands. She grew up to be a competant artsian, of mundane things, but specially those who required magic. Taking a special interest in the Arcane Guardians patroling the inner Quel’thalas, she started experimenting in the mix of technology and magic. The fruit of her labour was Ancalagon, her very own Friend.

Ayra Dawnpyre

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