Only a toy dragon in body, but a true dragon in his heart.


Reaching the impressive 3 feet from head to tail, and weighing the whole of 6 pounds, this fusion of magical ingenuity and enginering prowess might not be the largest creature on the world, but in the world of crafting, small is sometimes more impressive that large. Ancalagon looks like, if unmoving, a piece of art. A beautiful rendition of a dragon, crafted from crystals and metal plating. Even when it moves, it remains a perfect example of elven craftsmanship. No sound of engines powering the small dragon, nor the whiring of wheels. It does not have the trademark smoke rising as all goblin made products, nor the whimsical nature of gnomish items. This creature of magic and metal it soars though the air as you would imagine a real dragon to do.


Created and given life by Arya, to be her compainion in lonely days, he is in many ways the oposite of her, curious and adventurous. Posessing a high level of intelect, aswell as a mind of his own, he has proved to be a true friend to Arya, not only helping her through hardships, but also with her studies and crafting. Now he is out for new experiences, and perhaps forfilling his life long dream, to see the creatures that gave him his body.


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